It’s Giving Tuesday


1 in 6 Americans Struggles with Hunger. 1 in 5 children experience food insecurity. Donate & Help End Hunger.

Donating to 3B is a way to help us continue and expand Brae’s Brown Bags. Each bag costs anywhere from $1 to $5 to create. This includes the food, water, labels, inserts, bags and in the case of specialties it would include a book, toiletry items or winter weather items. This does not include travel time to deliver the bags.

Also a friendly reminder, it is tax deductible when you donate to 3B. Braeden also sends out personalized thank yous to everyone who donates which is pretty cool.

Also if you shop on please use their Smile.Amazon.Com link and choose “3B Braes Brown Bags” as your charity, then a portion of your total purchase will go to 3B. :)

Thank you!

- Christy

My Fresh Page Project could receive funding with your help

brae-fresh-pageMy Mom helped me create a Fresh Fund project page through the YMCA. We found out about the opportunity later in the game than other people, but we’re still pulling in a lot of votes thanks to all of you awesome people! But I need MUCH more votes to get in the lead so that Brae’s Brown Bags can receive a $5,000 grant towards our foundation. So if you don’t mind sharing this information and voting for me that would be a lot of help. (If you click the link above it’s only two more clicks. There is a button that says “Vote For This Project” just click)

Thank you very much!

The YMCA wants to recognize the role of volunteers and highlight that anyone, anywhere can make a significant impact in their community with a strong, inspiring idea. As part of its My Fresh Page Project, the Y will award a total of $20,000 to 10 individuals or groups with the most inspiring community improvement or service project ideas.

The Y’s My Fresh Page Project invites individuals across the country to submit their idea for a community improvement or service project to carry out in their hometown. Every day until October 24, visitors to the will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea.

Helping to spread kindness at Hillcrest Elementary

There have been groups that have asked me to come talk to them about Brae’s Brown Bags before. I have talked to the Delaware Collegiate 4-H, two different girl scout troops, to the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity and the Food Science club at the University of Delaware, and then there’s the time I talked with a group at the White House. I love saying that last one, really, how many people can say that?

I even recently had a chance to be on the Rachael Ray Show!

20141003_095942_resizedBut I’m not sure any of that could prepare me for talking to over 800 students at Hillcrest Elementary School in Baltimore County Maryland. These kids were all my age or younger. They were split into two big groups and sat on the floor of their cafeteria to hear me. I shared my presentation and I also talked a little bit about 3B, about food insecurity and about being helpers and dreaming big. I think they were all very happy to hear from me. At the end of each talk I went and stood in the middle of everyone and answered their questions. They had A LOT of questions!

One person asked me how much money I have raised. Someone else asked me if I would buy a factory with the money to pack more bags. That was an interesting questions, but I wouldn’t, I like packing them myself. A lot of people asked about the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. I hope they enter for 2015, they asked about what kind of food to make and I tried to give them some tips. People asked how I came up with the idea for 3B and I told them I saw a lot of homeless people in Washington, DC and in my hometown and that it really makes my heart hurt. 3B is a small way for me to be able to help give healthy food to people who need it.

20141003_102846_resizedThe school let me help with packing 250 bags. Each bag included one of my inserts and labels, but it also included kind words from 2nd graders and art work from kindergarteners. I really like the idea of drawing on the bags. I think maybe my brother and sister can help me do that near holidays. That’s a really fun idea and I think it will make people happy. These bags all went to a shelter near Hillcrest where they were needed.

There were three people there with cameras who wanted to interview me. That was a lot of work. I think I did good though.

My Mom showed me an article in the Baltimore Sun which published this morning.

You can read it here: Kindness campaign kicks off at Hillcrest Elementary

Thank you, Hillcrest for inviting me, listening to me and sharing your day with me. I love your school! You have a lot of great artists. I appreciate your donation and gifts too, you are very kind!

3B and Braeden included in published work

51CLJDJGwLLDo you remember when I wrote about Reverend Paul Mast? He had come to see me at my house because he was writing a book about his experience working with the homeless populations all over the world. He interviewed me and decided to include my story about Brae’s Brown Bags and also about some of my ideas related to hunger and homelessness. Well his book has now been published and you can buy it online. My interview and picture are in the book!

The book is called Street Sabbatical: Life Lessons for a Contemplative Beggar and we learned a little bit about it before it was published and it really is inspiring. Reverend Paul traveled the world and at times actually lived on the street and in shelters because he wanted to know what it felt like to live as a homeless person.

Reverend Mast wants to get rid of the word “homelessness” and he explains why in his book. and see how you can help to reverse the stigma of that label.

His personal website is:

I want to thank Reverend Paul for including me, but also for going out and helping people in need every day. I’m very happy to know you and be your friend.

Being a Mover & a Shaker

Nominees_MOVERSSHAKERS_2014I’ve been nominated as a 2014 Mover & Shaker in Delaware, North Delaware actually. There are other people who have been nominated, but I am the youngest person. That makes me feel proud. I think it would be really great to receive this award, you can help me because there is a People’s Choice vote happening right now and you can vote once per day through September 30, 2014.

Click here to vote for Braeden Mannering in the 2014 Movers & Shakers as the People’s Choice!

In other news I’ve been kind of taking it easy lately. My Mom told me she wouldn’t plan anything else for me for September because the beginning of the month was so busy with packing, delivering, filming and going to New York for Rachael Ray.

But I did join a Junior Youth Leadership Program at the Bear-Glasgow YMCA and I really like it. I have made some new friends and we play cool games to learn to work together as a team. My Mom told me that sometimes being a good leader means being a good team player. I can see how that can be true. It is important to be able to lead and to listen. You can’t really do one without the other, at least not if you want people to actually like you as a leader.

I have some things coming up for next weekend and I’ll tell you more about them next week.

Birthday_for_a_Cause_Page_BannerAlso, I am turning 11 years old on October 12th!

If you want to give me a birthday present you can donate to 3B Brae’s Brown Bags! The money we raise goes towards supplies for the bags we hand out but it also goes towards mileage, events, 3B materials to help raise awareness and website costs. We’re also raising money so I can attend a Youth Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Georgia in February where I have been asked to be a speaker.

Depending on the type of bag packed and delivered it can cost between $1 and $5 per bag. The special bags with books and toiletry items cost a little bit more, but they are the most exciting bags!

I like to be able to go places and talk to people about 3B. It’s more than just giving out food, it’s about being a helper, a leader and a friend to people who really, really need it. Even on days when I don’t have an extra bag to hand out, I still can do things to help people around me. We all can. It’s like Spencer and Nancy say on 93.7 WSTW, we all need to #SpreadTheLove.

My time on a national talk show

rachaelray-braedenYou might have been working or in school like I was on Monday, September 15th at 10am and so you might not have seen it BUT I was on the Rachael Ray Show. It airs in Delaware at 10am during the week on 6ABC. We recorded it though and I’ve watched it three times already. A film crew came to our  house the Sunday prior to going to New York to be on the show. The film crew was very nice, it was not easy to be followed around for a day, but it was kind of cool, also. I don’t know how people like Rachael Ray do it!

rachaelray-braeden-braes-brown-bagsThe Rachael Ray Show has just started their 9th season. I got to be on the first show of the season. Rachael Ray is doing an awesome thing which she calls 9 Million Meals #9millionmeals. I was able to be on the show to talk about 3B Brae’s Brown Bags. I also met Anton Cobb from Oregon who is helping raise money for a food bank in Oregon. He skips his lunch break once per week to sit outside and raise money for other people to be able to have lunch. He was so nice! We also met Pedro Rodriguez. He is a chef in New York at the New York City Rescue Mission. He really cares about what he is doing and in helping others to have access to food but also respect.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Even when I went to the White House it wasn’t really like being on TV. On TV things are going very fast. There were at least 50 lights in the ceiling in the studio and so many cameras. It was crazy but it was fun to have the chance to be there. Plus I got to stay with my Mom in a hotel and also ride the train. I really like to ride trains. I like to travel.

Don’t forget to like me on Facebook or to follow me on Twitter. I remember to update them more, I promise!

ABC Summer of Service Award

BeInspiredLogoLockUpYay! Thank you! I am a recipient of the ABC Summer of Service Award! First of all that’s just really cool and second it comes with a $1,000 award which I will be able to put into my foundation. That is VERY nice and I know it will come in handy as we near the holidays and the winter months.

There were other young people, young leaders who won this award, too. And I would like to say congratulations to all of them. We really do have some amazing people in our world. We all need to get together to spread this good news and to share our ideas on how we can keep helping the world around us.

Thank you so much!

The Summer of Service Awards is a project of Disney ABC Television Group, in collaboration with Disney Friends for Change, an initiative that inspires kids and their families to make a lasting, positive change by helping people, communities, and the planet.

An Evening in the Garden

Garden for the CommunityLast night I went to the Evening in the Garden at the University of Delaware. There is a garden for the community that the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources maintains and they donate produce to the Food Bank of Delaware. So all my Food Bank friends were there. I got to see Chad and Kim and everybody who went to Dover for the Food Bank Legislative day, even Pat Beebe. They are all so nice.

I also got to see the big garden and I was impressed. It was nice and I took a picture to show you. I tweeted it last night but I didn’t have time to write a blog post last night so you might have already seen it.

We had food made by the culinary students who are learning how to be chefs thanks to the Food Bank Culinary School. I had two slices of pound cake with a caramel sauce which isn’t very healthy but they were small slices and they were VERY good and I was standing when I ate them so I was working off the not so healthy parts.

At the GardenThen my Mom bought raffle tickets and we actually won something! We won four tickets to see the football game tomorrow at UD against Delaware State and they gave us a parking pass, too! I can’t believe it and I am very excited that I will be able to go see a football game!BwuxzhICQAA2VNJ

I talked with Chad Robinson for a little bit about the work I’d like to do at the University of Delaware with food recovery. He said he has heard about it and that UD has mentioned me in meetings recently which is really cool even if they aren’t so happy to be pushed by a 10-year-old.


You all need to meet Tony

So I did not have the picture of my friend Tony Attaway to post on my last blog post, but I found this one that my stepdad Brian took and it kind of shows what I want you to see.

Tony tells me he does not take it well when someone says nice things about him. He also said that he does not think he did so many good things when he was my age.

I don’t believe you Tony!

Tony is my friend from the Emmanuel Dining Room. He works for the Ministry of Caring. He is there every weekend when I deliver bags. He says I am his little hero and I want him to know he is also a hero of mine. He makes it his job to feed people who are hungry. But he does not just feed them food. He talks to every single person who comes to eat at the soup kitchen. He helps then find a table to sit. He knows their names.

I am trying very hard to make sure that when I give out my 3B bags that I also talk to who receives them. That I tell them I hope they have a good day. That I learn their names!

Tony. Tony. Tony.

I know it was not what you wanted to be surprised by me at my 3B Summer Celebration. But I am so happy you came and I am so happy I could give you an award. You deserve it!

P.S. When I get the photos from Danielle Quigley (our beautiful photographer friend) I will send on to Ms. Dorine so she can give it to you.

Oh and one more thing.

Catrina Sharp from Gals That Give she challenged me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

I accepted of course!

I nominated my Mom, my Uncle Greg and my buddy Senator Bryan Townsend!

The 3B Thank You party and 5th grade

inflatable-obstacleOn Saturday, August 23rd if you came out for the 3B Summer Celebration at the Bear-Glasgow YMCA then I know you had a great time. My mom and my brother Finn and me all got there at 1pm. We set up and then my brother and me had a chance to test out the inflatable obstacle course from Inflatable’s R Fun. It was a lot of fun, I think I did it like 20 times. Maybe more.

3B-Rockstar-Planners-1024x634The event’s committee, my new friends, best ladies ever, Terry Mullan, Kim Turner, Caitlin Custer and Catrina Sharp were all there to help set up, too. We set up with 30 table cloths and duct tape. My Grandmom and Granpop Stephan brought balloons and paper lanterns. My Gram and Pop Pop helped with fruit strays and also with the duct tape.

We had give away prize items planned but we did not know that people were going to also bring prizes. So we had a table full of a lot of prizes. Everyone who came got two of those tickets to get prizes. We also said they could buy more tickets if they wanted and some people did that, too. People donated to 3B too even though I said it was a thank you event and not a fundraiser. People are just nice like that. Over $400 was donated by my friends in the community.

brae-buddy-senator-townsendWhen a lot of people had gotten to the party I did a speech. I’m getting better at them. I had my script and my Mom highlighted times for me to look up to remind me but I went off script and made people laugh sometimes. I decided to give out awards to special people. So Tony Attaway from the Ministry of Caring, he got an award because he has a big heart and he helps feed people and he came all the way down to my thank you celebration even after being very busy with work because he works every weekend, thank you TONY!senator-hall-long-braeden-celebration Senator Hall-Long, she got an award because she is helping be improve food recovery at the University of Delaware. Senator Townsend is my buddy, his award was most fun for me to give, I think of him as like my family. He makes me feel important. Let’s see, I gave an award to Alpha Phi Omega the UD Chapter and also to The Food Bank of Delaware, the Bear-Glasgow YMCA and Gals That Give. I also gave an award to my Great Grandparents, Bob and Rose Willey because they are very big fans and they love me and that makes me want to do good, too. 

friends-3b-celebrationI was happy to see that Senator Nicole Poore came to celebrate and also State Representative Valerie Longhurst came to celebrate which was very nice of them both. I have a good picture with them and I think I need to go on my Mom’s computer to get it. I will find it and post it here, they both were happy to see me.

Senator Carper didn’t come and Jeffry Gentry and Tanya Steel, but I will find a way to get them their awards because they are very important to me also.

We had food from Big Fish Grill in Glenn Mills, PA and we had the MooMobile there from the UDairy Creamery and I know everyone loved the ice cream plus I am pretty sure we ran out of sandwiches so they must have been good, too. Sponsors helped make the event possible and they included Willey Farms, Holman Moving Systems, Greg and Margie Mannering, Transportation Communications Union – Local Lodge 584, UDairy Creamery, Bear-Glasgow YMCA, Food Bank of Delaware, Gals that Gives and 93.7 WSTW. Our very pretty photographer that you might have seen around was the best Danielle Quigley. I can’t wait to see the pictures she took! I will post some on here when we get them.

My Mom asked me what my favorite part was and I definitely would say it was when I got to give out the awards. I got to call people to the stage and surprise them and it made me very happy and I think they were also very happy. I also hope everyone liked the goodie bags we gave out. I designed cool sunglasses and my Mom designed t-shirts and car magnets. I better see some 3B car magnets out there soon!

Well I don’t know about you but I could have used a little bit more Summer. A full week of all-day 5th grade is in store for me, but I did finish three days and then this weekend we do have an extra day off for Labor Day. So that is good.

My 5th grade teacher at Keene Elementary seems very nice. Her name is Mrs. Cameron. A lot of my friends are in my class. We already started reading a chapter book and also took a lot of tests and have homework. I like seeing my friends and I do like learning but it already seems like a lot. Maybe I just need to get back into the routine.

Well I hope everyone liked the celebration. I hope you know I do #3BThankYou for all you do to help 3B and also I hope everyone has a great back to school week.