Spring has sprung and there’s much going on

First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER

First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER

I’m trying to remember everything I have been doing so I can tell you all about it. I hosted something called a Race Against Hunger for the 4th graders at Keene Elementary School in the Christina School District on Friday, April 11, 2014. One of the enrichment teachers, Mrs. Utterson, helped me with it, thank goodness for her being so supportive. My art teacher, Mr. Graham provided supplies so I could make posters with some of my friends for the race. I wish more of the grown ups at the school had helped out or come out to see us run. It really did end up being a perfect day. No rain and very warm. My Mom said she did a reverse rain dance. It worked!

We’re closing fundraising for the Race Against Hunger this week but so far we have raised $500 and the money will go to Action Against Hunger USA.

5kSo one thing I forgot to talk about was that I had another bag packing event with my friends in Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Delaware. It was the same weekend as my Mom’s birthday back in March. We packed something like 300 bags! I took 100 of them home to give out and they kept the remaining bags for the upcoming 5K they are hosting to benefit Brae’s Brown Bags. Definitely sign up to race with me for 3B on Sunday, April 27th.

Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room

Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room

This past Sunday my Mom and my Dad took me to the Emmanuel Dining Room and we handed out 100 bags to the people who came to eat lunch at the soup kitchen. We decided to have 10 of those bags be for kids and the kids really liked the Spring activity booklet. I got those booklets from Mrs. Christine Sweeney as a donation. Thank you!

Today my 3B Facebook page went over 1,000 fans! It’s crazy! Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me and the work I’m doing with 3B. I couldn’t do it without Y-O-U!

Plus tonight Reverend Paul Mast is coming to my house to interview me for a book he is writing. He said he was impressed with what I am doing and heard about me through the 2014 Governor’s Award for Youth Service. I’ve done interviews before but never for a book!

On top of the stuff I’m going with 3B I also started playing flag football at the YMCA in Bear. We haven’t done too much yet but I really like it. It’s fun to play and also fun to make new friends.


Some quick 3B news about upcoming races

racegainsthungerYesterday I announced to my 4th grade class at Keene Elementary School that we will be having a Race Against Hunger on April 11th and I invited all my friends to participate in raising funds for the cause and also have a fun time racing each other which is going to be really fun! The Action Against Hunger organization is helping me with getting this race going. It’s going to happy on April 11th because that is the start of Global Youth Service Weekend. I’m using my Sodexo Foundation grant to buy water bottles for everyone and also prizes for the top runners and fundraisers. I’m very excited!

I also want to make sure I say thank you to Alpha Phi Omega who met with me and my Mom and my brother and my sister on Sunday to help pack bags. We packed somewhere around 300 bags! I will be delivering a portion to the Emmanuel Dining Room in April and the remaining bags will go to people who run in the upcoming 5K 3B Bolt to End Hunger so they can have an idea if what 3B is all about.

Oh I forgot to tell you! I won a 2014 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award. On April 23rd I’ll be going with my family to Dover, Delaware for a special award ceremony. April is going to be a super busy month!

Also to let you know I have been working on a short story. It’s going to be about zombies. You might not know that this website started because I told my mom I wanted to write scary stories! I didn’t know back then that I would also be writing about real life and Brae’s Brown Bags.

You can read my scary stories from when I was younger here. I hope you like the new one I have planned.

3B Bolt to End Hunger – 5K Walk/Run in Newark, DE


Very fun news! I hope I can register to run/walk this event, but even if I can’t I’ll still be there to cheer on everyone and to let people know what Brae’s Brown Bags is all about. Every year I run the Delaware Mud Run, Jr. and it is very fun, but it is not a full 5K so this race might be a little bit harder for me. I think it is really cool that there is a race for 3B. I want to thank all of the students and people involved with helping to get this race put together. Alpha Phi Omega, they are just really the best people ever.

Registration is open now and you can register online, through the mail or in person. All of the information can be found on the Races2Run website.

The race will be April 27, 2014 at the University of Delaware and registration begins at 1pm but the race begins at 2pm.

My Mom made a graphic for me to put on my 3B Facebook page and I thought maybe if you want you can also use it to help get the word out about the race.

[ Download the Bolt to End Hunger Facebook Cover ]

2014-posterThis should be really fun.

I’m hosting a smaller race event at my school on April 11th but it is only open to students there so I’m really happy that Alpha Phi Omega has made this possible for everyone to be able to participate.

I have a table/exhibit at Ag Day on Saturday, April 26th from 10 until 4 also so it’s going to be a very busy weekend. It would be great if you guys could go to one or both of those events to help support 3B.

Thank you!

March trip to the Emmanuel Dining Room

On Sunday my dad took me to the Emmanuel Dining Room so I could deliver bags. We brought 64 bags for the people who go to the soup kitchen for lunch. We had regular bags and child bags with books in them. If course they all had the healthy good and water, too.

I saw one of the girls play with a little teddy bear that I included in one of the toddler aged bags. They were handed out very fast and we didn’t have enough for all of the people.

Everyone was happy to see me and I was happy to be there to help out.

Interview on WDEL: Newark boy working to change the world one bag at a time

Me and Mellany ArmstrongOn Wednesday a reporter named Mellany Armstrong from WDEL came to my school and talked with me about Brae’s Brown Bags and the recent grant I received. Ms. Utterson let us sit in her room so it would be quiet. My Mom and Ms. Utterson walked around while I talked to Mellany. It went really well I think. I got to watch the video interview yesterday and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Mellany seemed to think that Brae’s Brown Bags is a really great idea. She was very nice. I am thankful she decided to talk to me and share my story with people.

You can watch the interview on WDEL’s website: Newark boy working to change the world one bag at a time

Or you can also listen to it by downloading the MP3.

The Delaware Collegiate 4-H

We have been keeping very busy. On Tuesday, March 4th I had a chance to meet the Delaware Collegiate 4-H group at the University of Delaware. I was able to talk to them for a little bit about Brae’s Brown Bags and how I came up with the idea. I showed them my presentation and they were the first to hear the new song I placed in it. One of my favorite songs, if you want to hear it you will have to have me be a speaker for you.

Talking to the Collegiae 4-H The Vice President of the club is Sara Somers. She invited me to talk and she gave me a very cool tie-dyed t-shirt that says Delaware Collegiate 4-H on it which I thought was very nice.

The club helped me pack over 85 bags! I will be delivering them to the Emmanuel Dining Room this coming Sunday. Maybe some will go to a code purple emergency shelter in Newark on Thursday but it hasn’t been called yet so I don’t know.

It was fun to present and I like that people want to hear about 3B.

As snow is preparing to hit DE again, more 3B bags are delivered

Today my Mom brought 21 bags to the Newark Empowerment Center because there will be three code purple days coming up here in Delaware and possibly even another foot of snow! We will try to get out for more supplies as soon as we can but we do what we can.

Last week, on Thursday, I dropped off 20 bags to the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. When we got there some other people were there to help out. A lady brought in extra toiletry items and I added them to my bags. They said they would hand out the bags in the morning before everyone left the shelter.

These two deliveries have brought the tally to 798 bags since July 2013. Not bad! I really want to be able to keep up this pace.

I also just got off the phone with Nicole Sullivan. She is a student at the University of Delaware and she is writing an article about Brae’s Brown bags for a class she is taking. We tried to Skype and I learned I need a better web cam! Thank you Nicole for talking with me it was nice to “meet” you!

3B: A visit to Emmanuel Dining Room and a brand new grant

February 2014 EDROn Sunday, February 23, 2014 I went to the Emmanuel Dining Room again. There was a lot of people and I ran out of 60 bags that I made in 15 minutes. Of the 60 bags I had packed 10 child bags, the other 50 bags were the regular 3B bag. This time the child bags had books AND some activity pads, pencils and small toys (like teddy bears and little race cars) thanks to donations we had received.

There is also some very exciting news I would like to share.

sodexofoundationToday I found out my application was accepted and considered to be “one of the best” for a grant from the YSA (Youth Service America) and Sodexo Foundation. Late last year my Mom helped me apply for this grant. Today in an email I was told I will be one of the winners receiving a grant.

The Sodexo Foundation Youth Grants, offered funding of up to $500 for youth to lead projects focused on ending childhood hunger in their communities. It is very excited to find out that 3B Brae’s Brown Bags Foundation made the cut!

Stay tuned for even more very cool news coming soon!

Feeling like a rock star after the Sweet Frog fundraising event

Lilianna, Sweet Frog, Me and Senator Townsend

Lilianna, Sweet Frog, Me and Senator Townsend

We had a FULL HOUSE last night at Sweet Frog. There were people in every seat and standing. The Sweet Frog mascot came out for awhile and people from all over came to the store to buy frozen yogurt and support Brae’s Brown Bags even though it was super cold outside and we were expecting MORE SNOW! Yes, I have another two-hour delay this morning, so I can write to you!

Last night I really got to see how many people want to help the homeless and be part of a big change. It was so clear to me because so many people asked me questions and told me there were proud of me. Out of all the people who visited I have to say I most enjoyed talking with Senator Bryan Townsend and his fiance Lilianna. They were both really nice and said they are proud of me. They also think I’m really funny. Hahaha.

Senator Townsend asked if I would like to come talk to other officials in Dover, DE sometime soon and I think that would be a lot of fun. I don’t want to tell them what to do or anything I just think sometimes kids have really good ideas. I’m a kid and I made 3B Brae’s Brown Bags and it is helping a lot of people.

It’s like I say, kids don’t really need to find super heroes in comic books, even though that is fun. Kids can be their own super hero!

** 12:18 pm – Brae’s Mom here adding a screenshot of Senator Townsend’s Facebook page **

Senator Townsend posted some photos and wrote really nice things on Facebook.

Senator Townsend posted some photos and wrote really nice things on Facebook.

3B brought bags to the Unitarian Fellowship

fellowshipYesterday the temperatures were well below freezing here in Delaware again. Newark, DE opened up a Church as a sanctuary to the homeless so they could come inside out of the cold.

Yesterday the host was the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. They offered me and my brother some hot chocolate after we delivered the bags. They asked me about how I started 3B and I told them about my trip over the summer. How I went to the White House and met Michelle Obama and shook hands with the President, Barack Obama.

They took my picture to put on their website and also said I am welcome back anytime.

Tonight is another sanctuary night due to the cold and the host will be First Presbyterian (292 W. Main Street, Newark, DE). The door will open at 6 p.m. People in need should be encouraged to pre-register at the Empowerment Center open from 1 – 4 p.m. both days.